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These days, every business -- no matter how small -- needs to have a web site. Don't wait until AFTER you launch your company. Make it an integral part of your business plan and marketing strategy.

Even if you're not comfortable with computers or internet stuff, you can still have someone create and maintain a web site for you at an affordable price. There are national web site services that advertise that they can set you up for low monthly prices, ranging from $20 to $50 per month or more, but you still have to do most of the work yourself and the templates you have to use are limited.

A local alternative we recommend is Mahlon Moore's Neither of the CCTV producers are techies, so we asked Mahlon to create our web site. Unlike the national web site service providers, we received personal attention and didn't have to mess around with templates or figure out confusing computer jargon.

And the best part: Mahlon makes it easy for you to pay for a custom website with no money down and low monthly installments. Maintenance packages start as low as $50 per month. He'll also take care of securing your website address (your domain name), as well as getting a hosting company (Internet Service Provider) if you don't have one.

Your website is your business card and the first place customers are going to go to find out information about your company and your products and services. Depending on your business it also performs the role of a brochure, a "dynamic" brochure that can be changed at a moment's notice as your products or services change.

Do yourself a favor and give Mahlon a call at (808) 256-7221 or contact him via email.


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