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Did you know that you might be eligible for free computer training courses? Whether you're presently employed or not, the State Workforce Development Division offers no-cost services you may not be aware of...
and here's the thing: if you file for unemployment, people in that office might not tell you about it, unless you ask!

Go to or click here for their main web page. Or call 592-8620 to find out more about their one-stop center locations on Oahu.

You can also click here for "Hire.Net" job listings. To be honest, it's kind of confusing. They have something called "Oahu WorkLinks" and "HireNet" and "one-stop centers" -- so if you get lost on their web site, call them!

What you'll find is they offer job search workshops, a computer resource center, training opportunities, complimentary office support services and a library learning center.

Hey, your taxes pay for this stuff -- so take advantage of it!

Here's Norma McDonald, the Oahu Branch Manager of the State Workforce division to tell you a little about what they do.



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