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In today's fast-paced business world, understanding the uses -- and abuses -- of social media is crucial. First off, you need to know what it is. In simple terms, social media are things like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked-In, and other Internet sites that connect people or groups. They can be great networking tools that can help in job searches, or be used to promote your business at very little cost.

But be careful! What you put on the Internet can come back to haunt you, even if you thought it was an "anonymous" post or a photo that only was meant for close friends. To walk you through the do's and don'ts, we're fortunate to have social media experts Roxanne Darling and Tess Staadecker share their tips and answer questions you might have.

Roxanne and her partner, Shane Robinson, are two of Hawaii's top experts on using the Internet to build your business and personal "brand" for professional purposes. They're the force behind the first Podcamp held in Honolulu this year, which brought in big names from the high tech world, including the creator of the hugely popular Wordpress blogging application.

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Courtesy of Rox and Shane, go to the link below and you can download a free eBook on Managing & Maximizing Your Online Identity. This 20-page PDF highlights many issues for you to consider as you establish yourself on the social web.

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Key points include:

1. Everything you do (and don't do!) adds to your overall online identity.
2. Our self-image is often different from how others perceive us.
3. Free tools help you learn what others are saying about you.
4. Pictures & videos as well as text help shape your identity.
5. The more transparent you are, the easier this task can be.

*** Quick Tip From Rox ***
If you are a professional person looking for business online, we suggest using your real name and not an "alias" or nickname. It makes it so much easier to remember you, find you, and match you up with your business card or other marketing you do.





Here's a short clip about how their little Beach Walks With Rox helped them grow their rapidly-expanding consulting biz, They're also launching a new site called for business professionals who want to learn more about social media.

Tess Staadecker is an account executive with the PR firm Becker Communications. She specializes in using social media to promote their clients' services and products. In this short segment, Tess talks about managing your online reputation and what you should do before going to the next job interview.

Learn more about using Twitter, Facebook, Flicker and podcasts to boost your business. Check out the Social Media Club, which Rox and Tess are involved with. They meet once a month at the ING Cafe in Waikiki, and it's free. You can print out a coupon for a free beverage. To sign up for email notices, please go HERE


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