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Hawaii Pitch Contest: Entrepreneurs Wanted!

For years, people have been saying Hawaii needs to diversify its economy and high tech industries should be part of that vision. With our island location and natural resources, we could be -- and should be -- at the forefront of developing "green-collar" jobs that benefit the environment and the economy.

Well, now that the tourism industry is down, perhaps by necessity we will see real diversification at last. If you're interested in starting a new business that involves computer technology, communications or products/services related to the environment, here are some useful resources you should consider:

High Technology Development Corporation

From the HTDC web site: The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) offers a wide variety of business development programs and services to support Hawaii's growing technology industry. HTDC offers its programs and services statewide, providing assistance and resources to Hawaii's tech industry entrepreneurs, start-up companies, employers, jobseekers and more.

They also post high tech job listings. Click on the TechJobsHawaii link on the right hand side of the HTDC home page.

Note that they also provide information about obtaining funding and grants!

Another organization worth checking out is Enterprise Honolulu, which assists businesses dealing with renewable energy, diversified agriculture, IT and communications, plus scientific research...

On their site, they have a Hawaii Business Toolkit link that has information about writing business plans, obtaining financing and other useful links for start-ups or companies that are expanding.

We'll be adding more links in the future, so keep checking back! If you can recommend other contacts or resources, please email them to



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