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No story is too small or big for us. We'll profile people who are working out of their garage and operating on shoe-string budgets. We've also interviewed multimillionaires and CEOs of large corporations.

If you'd like to share your experiences about switching careers or launching a new business, please email a short pitch for your story to richfigel@gmail.com. We're especially interested in positive, uplifting stories that will help inspire others to persevere during these tough times.

Tell Us Your Problems!

Is your company struggling to turn a profit? Maybe we can help. In future shows, we'll have business experts and consultants take a look at selected cases and offer their recommendations or suggestions.

Another on-going segment we'll be doing is Pet Peeves -- employers, job placement professionals, business owners, and customers. Send your anecdotes about things that make you crazy, and we might use it on the show or post it on our web site! Just drop an email to richfigel@gmail.com


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