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At CCTV, we say it's all about making connections. For instance, while interviewing Erin Gerwig for a segment about her Dogwalker etc. business, we learned that her father -- John Chappelear -- is a nationally-known motivational speaker and consultant. Since keeping a positive attitude is a vital part of success, we asked him if we could share some of his tips for job seekers and entrepreneurs. John said yes, and sent us an article he wrote which outlines key points from his book, The Daily Six. You can also sign up to receive his "Positive Thought of the Week" emails at his website or you can read them here.

The take-away idea from this: You don't ask, you don't get! In asking Erin for her dad's contact info, I had no idea if he would be interested in helping us out. The worst that could happen is he might say, no thanks. But he was gracious enough to send me his book and the article.

Please visit John's web site and check out his book! It's a fast read and filled with solid, practical advice that will give your spirits a lift as well.


All concepts of negative limitation are self-imposed, just as all concepts of limitless joy, balanced life and reduced stress are self-imposed. They both require energy, thought and focus. So, since all of life is a choice and both require the same level of involvement, why do we seem to fall back into negative thinking? We fall back because under stress we all devolve to our most base instincts. The first of those is survival. Survival requires us to pay attention to the people, places and situations we think may cause us harm. That creates a vicious cycle of stress leading to fear, leading to stress. Break that cycle with time to relax, rewind and reboot your body, mind and spirit.



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