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Why use a staffing firm or employment agency?

Many jobs are NOT advertised in the newspaper classifieds or posted on Craigslist. The reason: with so many people looking for work, some companies would be overwhelmed with responses if they ran an ad themselves... and many of those applicants would probably turn out to be unqualified or a poor fit for the job.

Staffing firms save companies time and since time is money, it can be cost effective to pay an employment agency to send qualified applicants that have been pre-screened.

For the job seeker, the benefits are that good employment agencies and exec headhunters will work closely with candidates to make sure their resume is up to snuff, and help prep them for the all-important interview. The job candidate pays nothing -- all fees are paid by the employer.

Temp work can also lead to full-time positions for the right person, so don't dismiss that option!

We interviewed Signe Godfrey, president of Olsten Staffing Services, and Judy Bishop, owner of Bishop & Co., who shared their insights and advice in these video clips...

click here for signe video


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